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Meet Vice Mayor Gary Singh

Gary Singh Union City Mayor 2024
  • Founder and CEO of Bay Star Auto

  • Former Union City Planning Commissioner

  • Elected to Union City Council in 2016 and Re-Elected in 2020


           Union City has been my home for nearly 30 years. It’s the place where I started my own small business and where my wife and I raised our children. I was first elected to the City Council in 2016 to take on our city's challenges head on. I urged the City Manager to conduct an audit in 2018 to ensure optimal efficiency in all departments. I also have worked with the Police Department and City leaders to address increases in crime. 

             I love our community, and I will continue to find innovative solutions to provide more affordable housing, invest in infrastructure improvements and prepare our City finances and allow us to come out of this pandemic quicker and stronger than ever before. 

       We face serious challenges ahead, but with hardworking, energy, and the spirit of teamwork I will work to accomplish much more on behalf of the residents of Union City as your next Mayor!



Gary Singh's Track Record for Union City

Gary gets it done. 

  • History of Fiscal Responsibility - Vice Mayor Gary Singh's initiative to conduct an audit in 2018 played a pivotal role in optimizing city functions and significantly reducing costs, showcasing his commitment to fiscal responsibility.

  • Small Business Support - Vice Mayor Gary Singh consistently voted in favor of fostering business growth to boost revenue and successfully prevented unwarranted tax increases. He has also provided essential assistance to individual business owners in addressing city-related challenges.

  • Public Safety - By forging strong collaborations with the police department and city leaders, Vice Mayor Gary Singh strategically addressed crime, leading to an impressive 20% reduction. He has also spearheaded community policing initiatives, introducing new cadets to our local community, and has consistently stood in support of our local police department.

  • Working with Others - Vice Mayor Gary Singh's dedication to Union City knows no bounds. He has bridged political divides, collaborating with both legislative and congressional officials to enhance our city. Furthermore, he has nurtured strong relationships with officials from neighboring communities, fostering valuable cross-collaboration.

  • Community Service - In response to the pandemic, Gary Singh initiated numerous food drives throughout Union City, kickstarting the effort with his personal funds. Today, the Union City food drives continue to thrive, and Gary actively participates on the boards of related non-profit organizations, including the Daily Bowl.

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